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Many of us have changed one or more financial arrangements from an existing provider to another company to take advantage of a better deal. It could be for a better savings interest rate, a lower credit card rate or to save money on home or car insurance and yet a lot of people never consider doing the same thing with what may be their largest single monthly expenditure – their mortgage.

When you first take out a mortgage, there’s a natural tendency to think of your relationship with the mortgage lender as being a long-term arrangement. Even though most mortgage deals usually tie you to that lender for no more than two to five years. That means after that initial tie-in period you’re free to move your mortgage elsewhere for a better rate. This is known as remortgaging.

For mortgages there is usually no fee as we get paid commission from the lender, however we do reserve the right to charge a fee. This would be disclosed prior to application and would typically be £495.